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Located just 25 miles from downtown Houston and 20 miles from the Medical Center, it is a hidden honey hole.


Most campers are convinced they are lost on the way here because you come through a beautiful neighborhood of mansions and multimillion dollar homes.  


The park is in a secluded area where the park owners chose to keep the peace and tranquility of the natural area. This is not your typical park location.  It is built in the middle of some of the most expensive properties in the suburb of Houston called Sugar Land.


Once you are on the wooded property, you would believe you are miles away from civilization. However, our park’s neighborhood has many perks -- two Starbucks, a “Signature Kroger” grocery store, multiple local restaurants, major bank branches, spas, Target, Walmart...


Again, this is not like the other RV parks in the area built with lots of concrete, no trees and next to a noisy highway.  We enjoy the secluded outdoors, and the amenities of the higher end neighborhood.